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If your a business owner who sell skincare products, jewelry, makeup products and clothes then you are in the right place.

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Misha is a content strategist, instagram marketing who help your business to build brand authority, brand awareness and get more engagement that eventually leads to sales.

She specialized in social media designs, content creator, caption writing, content scheduling, hashtag strategy and competitor research.

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Misha understand how time consuming it is for a business owner to come up with content ideas and creating graphics, while still taking care of packing and shipping of products to customer.

The majority of business owners do not have time to take care of themselves, and my goal is to provide them more time flexibility without sacrificing their internet presence.

Lastly, my blog is all about content marketing, instagram marketing and some business tips to get ahead of the competition and makes your business run in a long term. 

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fun facts

This is all about my hobbies that I do whenever I have free time. Sometimes we just want to relax while watching our favorite movies and vloger

I like to spend most of the time taking care of my skin and health

I like to exercise when I feel like I’m fat

Whenever I watch youtube on thrift clothes, I would always immediately grab my unused clothes to DIY

I like to watch vlogs who discussed about skincare and makeup products, so that I could know if the product is good or not

I like to pumper my face everyday with my favorite skincare 

I like to watch horror movies at home while eating because sometimes it makes me forget the scary scenes